Saturday, October 3, 2009

Kurin, Page 15

Here's page 15.

Panel 1

What's so cool about Tori Miki's gag manga is that there are so many throwaway sight gags. In this panel, you have the singing nun from the "Airport" disaster movie.

Panel 2

Panel 3
やれやれやっと持ち直した。 巡航速度でオートパイロットに
Finally, we're back on track. Set auto pilot for cruising speed.

Panel 4
ふう。。。 大丈夫か? くり。。。
Whew... Are you ok, Kuri...

Panel 5
わー もういない!?
Wah! She's already gone!?

Again with the sight gags. (Actually, the sight gags are all over the place.) This time, though, it's the little ghost-like thing hanging from a string at the top of the panel. This is a teru teru bozu, a small figure used to make the rain go away. On its face is the standard "henomono" caricature used to mean "I'm no one special".

Panel 6

Panel 7

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