Monday, October 5, 2009

Kurin, Page 17

Here's page 17.

Panel 1
Special products from Shizuoka. Would you like Abekawa mochi?

One tradition on planes and bullet trains is for the attendants to sell merchandise specific to the destination city or region. Here, she's asking the passengers if they'd like to buy mochi (pounded rice paste) from the Abekawa region.

ほんとにCA なのかな?
Is that a real CA?

CA = Cabin Attendant.

Panel 2
No magic tricks!!

Really, obviously, this is "Don't do illusions". But, it just doesn't read right to me. Where we'd use "magic trick" in English, I think the Japanese use "illusion" instead. Anyway, I prefer the straight command "No magic (tricks in the aisle ways)!!"

Panel 3
Tea time.



Panel 4
Lots of buttons----.

Panel 6
You called?

This is a very polite way of saying "you summoned me, is that correct?" I really wanted to use Lurch's "you rang?"

Panel 8
Don't push that one!!

"oshicha ikan" basically means "push is regrettable" or "push is no good". Instead, in English, we'd just go with "Don't push that!"

Panel 9
すみませんっ。 お客様の中にお医者様はいらしゃいませんか!?
Excuse me! Are one of you passengers a doctor?

This is EXTREMELY polite Japanese. "Excuse me, of the passengers, is there a Mr. Doctor here perhaps?" I wanted to use "Is there a doctor in the house?" but we're not in a house right now. Then again, in the American TV drama, there's a House in the doctor...

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