Thursday, October 8, 2009

Kurin, Page 20

Here's the text for page 20.

Panel 1
システムノーフラグ(異常)なし。 ただしクルーに不調があったのでこれより引き返します着陸可願います
All systems normal. However, the crew is out of commission. Requesting permission to land.

The Japanese phrase is "no flag", in furigana along side "abnormality", followed by "is none". Depending on which line you look at, it comes out as "no flags is none" or "no errors". The U.S. version of "All systems green" is easier to follow.

おい ちょっと待て君はいったい!?
Hey, wait up! Who are you!?

Panel 2
それとも このまま沖縄。。。 いやアキタ王国まで行っちゃおうかな
Or, we could continue to Okinawa... No, let's go to the Akita Kingdom instead.

I may have neglected to explain a major in-joke, but if you have been faithfully using your little pop-up dictionary all along the way here, you already know it. The two Akita brothers, Bouken-Oh and Manga-Oh, have that "王" character in their name, meaning "king". That is, Adventure-King Akita and Manga-King Akita. And, I've mentioned several times that Akita is the publisher of Shonen Champion magazine. Not surprising that the Akita "King" brothers would want to go to "Akita Kingdom".

わー それもいいですウー
Wow! That's good, too!

やめれ それハイジャックだから!!
Stop! That's skyjacking!!

Big brother!!

Little brother!!

Well then, let's meet again during the 50th anniversary.

Good luck!

アッ。 ソウダ コノエレキバンガ
That's right, the electro-stim patches.

In Japan, there are several products aimed at people with aching muscles. The first is a mentholated tape, called a "solan patch". The second is a little electronic thing that you tape to your skin and which then delivers small electrical shocks as a form of massage. Bouken-Go's "electro stim patch" is the second type.

くるくるクリン featuring るんるんカンパニー / おわり
Kuru Kuru Kurin featuring Runerune Company / The End.

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