Monday, November 2, 2009

The Three Invaders, Page 1

This is the text for page 1.

From the book's Table of Contents:

The Three Invaders

Panel 2
指度三十八 磁差四。二六の方向に着陸せよ
Set landing coordinates to Finger 38, Magnet Variation 4.26.

Don't you just love it when the first thing you encounter in a manga is a string of made-up words?  "の方向に着陸せよ" works out to "of the direction of landing", and can be treated as "coordinates for where to land".  "指度" is "finger degree", and "磁差" is "magnet difference".  There's no standard definition for them, and rather than try to make up something, I'll just translate them literally.


Panel 3
ピガ 着陸地点から五ミーグル以内に地球人の家があるかどうかたしかめる。 そこをかくれがにする
Piga, check whether there are earthling habitats within 5 miigels of the landing point.  We will treat that as our hide-out.

"Piga" is the name of one of the aliens.  I'll use this as-is.

"mi-geru" is another nonsense word.  Since it doesn't show up later in the story, I'll just use "miigel" here, since it looks more like "Miguel" in English.

"かくれがにする" is "to do hide out" or "to do refuge".  Technically, the aliens are really intending to use the house as a staging point for their surveillance work   And, literally he's saying "look for earth people's houses", but I think I can get away with a little artistic license here.

Panel 4
おい ピガ! いいかげんに衛星船の中でつかまえた人間をしゃぶるのはやめろ!!
Hey, Piga! Quit nibbling on that apprehended human within the spaceship!!

つかまえた人間 = captured human
をしゃぶる = suck or chew
いいかげんに = to be irresponsible or careless
衛星船の中 = inside the satellite ship

Later on, we'll see why Piga likes human-on-a-stick.  I'm using "nibble" to give the impression of Piga's using the human like a big candy bar.  I'm dropping "careless or irresponsible" because it's implied within the English sentence since Piga is doing something he's not supposed to.

Panel 5

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