Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Three Invaders, Page 11

This is the text for page 11.

Panel 1
あんたたち せい一ぱいすごんでるけどね。 どうみたって脱獄囚ってもんじゃないよ。。。  脱獄囚ってのはそんなにかっこいいタンカきったりすごんだりするもんじゃないよそれは映画のうえでのつくりばなしだよ
Although you guys are very threatening, you don't look like escaped criminals. Real escapees don't talk so rough and violently.  That's made up in the movies.

ヒヒ。。。 ヒ  ヒ あんたたちはいんちきだろう?
hee hee... hee hee...  You guys are fakes, right?

Panel 2
な な なにをいい やがるこのおいぼれめ
Wh, wh, what are you saying, you old bat!

Panel 3
脱獄囚はねもっとじーっとかくれておどおどしてるんもんだと思うがねえ。 あんたたちはいったいなにもんだえ?
Escapees, I'd think, would patiently conceal themselves in the shadows. What are you guys, really?

"escaped criminals . emphasizer . motionless/patient . hide/conceal . cowardly . thing . is . I think . agreement tag marker.   You guys . what on earth . what thing . is (slang)?"

Most fan subbers treat "itai" as "what in the hell?", but "itai" doesn't really have that nuance in Japanese.  It's used more for adding emphasis to "who are you" and "what are you" questions.  To get the same effect, I added "really" at the end of the sentence.

Panel 4

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