Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Three Invaders, Page 16

This is the text for page 16.

Panel 1
いいか! てめえたちは人じちだってことをよーくわきまえてろっ。 買いものと用たしにいくときには ひとりだけ出ていけあとのふたりはのこることだ
Alright! Youse guys fully know youse are our hostages.  When youse goes shoppin', one goes, da udda two stay.

Panel 2
ちょっとでも うらぎりやがってみろ たちまちどてっぱらから空気がふきぬけるぜ!
Da second youse looks ta be betrayin' us, da wind is gonna be blowin' thru youse guts!

Panel 3
ま  あんだけおどかしときゃ だいじょうぶだろう
Well, that level of threat should be good enough.

ああいうのをタンカっていうんですな 隊長
That's the way to talk, Sarge.

Panel 4
It's not "Sarge", it's "aniki"!

Panel 5
I've got one question.

Panel 6
What are "guts"?

Panel 6
おれもなんだかしらん。。。 本にそうかいてあったんだ
I don't know either. That's what was written in the book.

I could have gone with "that's how it was written in the book".

Panel 7
Whut's dat?

サイコロってもんだそうだ。 ゆうべ一生けんめいつくった
Dey're called dice.  Ya play 'em all trew da night.

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