Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Three Invaders, Page 17

This is the text for page 17

Panel 1
こいつをこうやってコップへいれて。 こうふせるのがバクチってんだとさ
Ya put dis in the cup like so. And ya slams it like so.

Panel 2
An ya says Cho or Han.

"Chou" is "even" and "han" is odd.  It would certainly make more sense to use the English words, but that would negate the following joke.  Even so, we still need a footnote to explain the joke.  However, I really like chahan (Chinese fried rice), so I'm keeping with the Japanese words here.


Panel 3
ばか 半といえ半と
Idiot. Youse says "han"!  "Han!"


Panel 4

ほーら 丁だ。 おまえのまけだよ
Look it dat.  Cho.  Youse loses.

Panel 5
Ya lose, ya gotta put out.

Panel 6
Putting out your tongue was inevitable.

"Something like tongue . put out . can't be helped".  Shouganee is a masculine form of "shouganai", meaning "inevitable" or "can't be avoided".  Unfortunately, the entire sentence just doesn't work in English.  I'd prefer to use "I should have seen that coming", but that's not even close to the original text.  So, I stayed with the more literal translation just to show what happens if you value the original text over intent.

Panel 7
You're not an outie, dummy.

You can too put out your navel, if you're an "outie".  Piga's an "innie".

Panel 8
あ。。。 の。。。なカポネとかいうおやぶんさん。。。
Ex... cuse... me...  Mr. so-called Capone boss...

Panel 9
Can I give this a try?

Panel 10
おまえが? 金をもってるかっ
You? Youse gots cash?

ああ。 すこしぐらいならためとるわね
Yes, I have a little to play with.

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