Friday, November 20, 2009

The Three Invaders, Page 19

This is the text for page 19.

Panel 1
どうしたっ なんだそのざまはっ
What is this? What's with that get up?

あ。。。 あにきたすけてくれー
A, aniki - save me!

Panel 2
I lost everything I own to Grams ---

Panel 3
うら 番組 ぶっとばせえ ヒ ヒ ヒ ヒ ヒ
Winner take all, hee hee hee hee.

Here's another joke that takes lots of explanation and still doesn't translate into English.  At least, it's not recognizable by western readers.  "うら番組 ぶっ とばせえ" is an old slogan from a TV station.  When two stations have competing programs on at the same time, the opposition's program is called the "ura bangumi", or "bottom/rear program".  "buttobase" is "knock down" or "strike".  So, the one station's slogan was "to knock down the bottom program" ("to defeat the competing program in the same time slot"). Simultaneously, we have "kumi", which is a suffix often used at the end of family names for the Yakuza.  We can assume that Tezuka is pulling off a double word play, first by taking the TV slogan and then second attaching it to "ura kumi" to refer to a competing Yakuza gang.

Rather than try to translate the joke I decided to just go for a slightly similar response.  "Winner take all" was the name of a TV game show in the 1950's on CBS.

Panel 4
もう やめろっ まぬけめ
Enough already, you old fool.

There's a sense that Aniki is talking about Capone, but he's looking at the woman.  "Manuke" is "dunce", "block head" or "idiot", but the woman's acting more senile than stupid, so I'm just calling her "an old fool".

Panel 5
ピガはどこへ行った ピガはっ
Piga!  Where's Piga?

Panel 6
ゲープ ゲーイ
Urp, belch.

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