Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Three Invaders, Page 2

This is the text for page 2.

Panel 1
しかし 地球についての知識をつけるには地球人の脳をすいとるのがいちばんいい方法でげしょう
But, sucking human's brains is the best way to get information about Earth, right?

Panel 2
おいピガ 手あたりしだいに地球人をつかまえろとはいっておらん!
Oi, Piga, don't settle for the captured human at hand.

おれがこれと目星をつけた学識ある人間をひとりだけねらうのだ。 それまではがまんしろ!
My sole aim is for a human with some scholarship.  Be patient until then.

Panel 3
To the bitter end, we are an Earth scouting party.

We will not let stupidity affect our sending intelligence to the main force.

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