Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Three Invaders, Page 20

This is the text for page 20.

Panel 1
しかりしろ だれにされた地球人にかっ
Pull yourself together. Who did this? The Earthlings?

こ。。。 こいつにですう
Th... this did.

Panel 3
脱獄囚はアルコールをこうもってグーッとのむんでしょう。 だから びんをみつけてグーッとのんだんです
Escapees are supposed to handle their alcohol, right? So I found a bottle and I chugged it.

I'm thinking that Piga believed the bottle contained beer.

Panel 4
However, I mistook the contents...

はっきり しらべないでのむからだっ
You drank without examining the label first!

Panel 5
今夜、 となりの家の学者をおそって脳をすいとる! ピガ、それまでにからだをなおしとけ
Tonight, we attack the scholar next door and drink his brain.  Piga! Before then, clean yourself up!

If I had more space in the word balloon, I'd have said "Piga, before then, get yourself cleaned up!"  Actually, both sentences are the same length. I'm just too lazy to go back and make the changes.

Panel 7

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