Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Three Invaders, Page 21

This is the text for page 21.

Panel 1
あいつの脳をすいとればもう地球人とおなじだ。 大手をふって地球人の中へとけこめるぞ。
If we drink his brain, we'll be just like Earthlings. We'll melt right in with them

それから、 われわれの本隊へ地球のあらゆる知識を報告できるんですな
And then, we'll also be able to report it all back to the main force.

Panel 2
Look, even in spite of those pimples on that acorn-like nose, that's got to be a scholar.


Tezuka never had a good self-image, and he often made fun of his overly large nose.

Panel 3
チャンピオンコミックスの編輯長ですか? すみません。どうもどうも。あと一日まってくださいよ
Is this Champion Comics's head editor?  Hello.  Yes, yes.  Please wait one more day.

"Sumimasen" has multiple uses, depending on the context.  It can be "excuse me" or "I'm sorry".  It can also be a form of greeting.  "Doumo" almost works the same way.

Panel 4
あと一日。。。 えー。 どうも。 ちょうしがわるくってね雑用もおおくってね
Just one day... yes.  Thank you.  I haven't been feeling well. Other stuff came up, too.

"Other stuff" could mean that there's been some distractions (like the shrieks and the escapees and everything).  But, "other stuff coming up" really does make him sound like he's been sick...

Panel 5
シ。。。 いまだっ!!
Shh...  Not yet!!

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