Monday, November 30, 2009

The Three Invaders, Page 29

This is the text for page 29.

Panel 1
Drop your weapons.

Panel 2
Disguised, eh.  Heh heh.

Panel 3
やあ、 ごぶじでなによりでした、おけがはあらせんか?  こいつらは網走形務所から脱走しててんてんとゆくえをくらましていた兇悪犯でして。。。 おまけにこいつは女装がうまいのです
Well, it looks like everyone is ok. No one hurt, right? These guys are brutal felons that have been hiding undercover since they escaped from Abashiri Penitentiary. To cap it off, this one's a skilled female impersonator.

Actually, I really don't like the abruptness of the switch from "these are the felons" and "omake ni" (a special thing is/on top of which).  There's something missing here, and I'd prefer to insert some explanatory text, such as "the reason it was so hard to find them is that this one's a female impersonator", or something like that.  As it is, the English version feels choppy and incomplete.  However, this is what Tezuka wrote, so this is what I'm going to have to go with.  Plus, I have the limitation of the size of the word balloon (using the word balloon size as an excuse to not embellish the translations is very convenient for me).

Panel 4
ハア。。。   ヘエ。。。
Huh...   Heh...

Panel 5
じゃ、 われわれはこれで。。。
Well, that's it for us.

Sorry for barging in.

"Ojama shimasu" literally means "we're in your way" or "we're causing you troubles". It's usually used by people that show up unexpectedly.  In this scene, they really were in the way.  In any other situation, I'd use "Well, we'll be going now", but "sorry for barging in" is perfect here.


"pokan" here is a sound effect for slowly realizing that something weird just happened and that you're now coming to grips with it.  I'm using "click" here for the same purpose.

Panel 6
Ok - work, work.

"genkou" is "manuscript", but "Ok, the manuscript, the manuscript" won't fit in the word balloon.  I wanted to use "the plane, the plane", but I didn't.

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