Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Three Invaders, Page 3

This is the text for page 3.

Panel 1
ガサ ガサ ガサ
[rustling noises]

Panel 2
ガサリ ガサ
[rustling noises]

Panel 3
臨時ニュースを申しあげます。 凶悪な脱獄囚三人が重井沢避暑地付近へにげこんだもようです。 この三人は先月末刑務所を脱走した男たちで
This just in! 3 brutal criminals have been spotted in the Omoizawa Resort area. The men reportedly escaped from prison at the end of last month.

"Omoizawa" is a joke on the real resort town of "Karuizawa".  "Omoi" means "heavy" and "karui" means "light".


In this case, "giku" can indicate shock or panic, or the feeling of the body stiffening up.

Panel 5

I love it when there's a sound effect for "no sound".

Panel 6
コッ コッ コッ
[knock knock knock]

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