Friday, November 6, 2009

The Three Invaders, Page 5

This is the text for page 5.

Panel 1

No runnin' out ta squeal on us, kid.

Panel 2

おれたちはちょいとはらがへってるんだ。 なにか料理してもらおうか
We'z hungry.  What's ya got fer eats?

Panel 3
If it's food you want, there's some in the refrigerator. Take what you like.

The "wa" at the end of the line is a very typical end of sentence marker in feminine speech. The part that starts, "tabemono nara" means "regarding food".  "katte ni" is "as you like" or "arbitrarily".  It can mean "help yourself", "take what you like", or "go wild".

Panel 4
あんたたちはなに! どっからきたの!ここはあたしたちきょうだいとおばあちゃんだけよ。  とるものはなにもないわ。
Who are you? Where are you from? There's just me, my brother and our grandma! There's nothing here of value!

"Torumono" is "things worth stealing".  So, she's saying that there's nothing in the house worth taking.  I'm limited on space in the word balloon, so I'm going with the shorter sentence.

Panel 5
おっと ねえちゃん 感ちがいしちゃいけねえ
Hoh, little girl, don't get us wrong.

Panel 6
さっそくおひかえなすってありがとうござんす。 てまえ生国とはっしますところ北海道にござんす。 北海道といってもひろうござんして。 網走番外地のケンというケチなやろうでござんす
T'anks fer yer presence. I waz born in Hokkaido. Hokkaido is a big place. I'm just a poor boy named Ken, from the Abashiri neighborhood.

"さっそくおひかえなすってありがとうござんす" is a set phrase used by the yakuza to mean roughly "thanks for being face to face with us".

The entire panel is movie-quality yakuza slang, which I can roughly translate, but can't explain word for word.  The main point is that even in Japanese, these sentences don't make much sense when packed together like this, indicating that Aniki still doesn't have a handle on Earth languages.

Panel 7
。。。 網走刑務所から脱走してきたの?
... You've escaped here from Abashiri Penitentiary?

Abashiri was a small village on the north shore of Hokkaido, and it became the site of a prison built in the 1890's to house Meiji Restoration-era political prisoners.  It was also known as the home of many hardened criminals and was made famous in a 1965 yazuka movie.  It was modernized in 1984 and the old buildings opened as a museum in 1985.

へへ。。。 おさっしのとおりで
hehe...  Dat's right.

Panel 8
おれたちゃやばいんだ、 とうぶんこの家にかくまってもらうぜ
We're dangerous guys. An' we're takin' over dis joint.

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