Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Three Invaders, Page 6

This is the text for page 6.

Panel 1
でていって!! いますぐ!! どうせここにいてもいつかつかまってしまうわ
Get out!! Right now! If you stay here, you'll be caught!

こう いってるぜどうする?
Whadda ya say ta dat?

"This, what she said, what do we do?"
I've been drifting away from the literal meaning of a lot of the bad guys' dialog, because I want to treat them as Hollywood mafia.  Same basic intent as what Tezuka had in mind, but not a direct word-for-word translation.

Panel 2
フフフフ 気のつよいねえちゃんだ。 すこしわからせてやるか。。。
Fufufu, kid's got spunk. Let's do a little demonstration...

Literally, "girl's got strong spirit. Give a little understanding maybe?"  The villains have misunderstood the girl's reaction and feel it's necessary to help her understand that they're bad guys.  So, I decided to take the rougher, more slang-heavy approach here.

Panel 3
Take yer clothes off.

Panel 4
やめて。。。 おねがい。。。 やめて!!
Stop...  Please...  Stop!!

ぬげっていうんだ フ フ フ フ
I said "take 'em off".  fufufu

Panel 5
What are you doing with my sister!

うるさいっ このガキっ
Shaddup, brat.!

Panel 6

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