Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Three Invaders, Page 7

This is the text for page 7.

Panel 1
I'll take 'm off for ya.

イヤーッ イヤヨッ
No, no!!


Panel 2
ドン ドン ドン
[knock knock knock]

Panel 3
ドン ドン
[knock knock]

Panel 5
おい坊や なにかうまくいっておっばらえ へんなことをいうとこの年よりのいのちがないんだぜい
Hey kid, play it smart. Do anyt'ing foolish an' the old lady gets it.

Panel 6
I thought I heard a scream...

なんでもないんですよ 手塚先生
It's all right, Mr. Tezuka.

"nandemonai" is a set phrase that can mean "it's trifling or harmless".  In this case, it means "it's nothing".

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