Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tensai Bakabon, Chapter 1, Page 11

Here is the text for page 11.

Panel 1

わーっ  こんども やっぱり 三時のあなたのだ!!
Uwah!  This time too, it's 3 o'clock!!

Panel 2
ペッペッペッ どうじゃ やはり三時になっただろう!!
pe pe pe. Well?  As I thought, 3 PM, right?!

I feel better now!

Panel 3
You will die tomorrow, Friday, at 3!!

Thanks a lot!!

Panel 4
And for that reason, until 3 PM tomorrow, nothing I do can kill me!!

Panel 5
よし 車にひかれてみよう!!
Right, I'll try charming a car!!

I haven't explained yet in any of the other blog entries the use of "yatte miru"."yatte" comes from "yaru", meaning "to do".  "miru" means "to see".  "yatte miru" then is "to try something to see if it works".  "miru" can also follow other verbs in the "-te" form to get a sense of "to try (that action) to see what the result will be".  In the above sentence "hikarete" comes from "hikare", to shine" and can also have the meaning of "to charm".  "hikarete mi" should mean "to try and charm" (the car).


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