Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tensai Bakabon, Chapter 1, Page 13

Here is the text for page 13.

Panel 4
And then, papa died!!

Panel 5
おじさん みて
Old man, look.

Yes, yes.

Panel 6
I lost my diamond ring!!

Don't worry!!

Panel 7
Tomorrow, Friday, you will find it at 3 PM!!

Panel 8
あら 金曜日はきょうよ!!
Huh? Friday's today!!

Panel 9
えーっ!? きょう?
Eh---!? Today?

Panels 10-16
しまった あのおじさんに一日まちがえて あしたと おしえてしまってあ!! ほんとはきょうの三時 ちょうどいまだったんだ!! はずれてくれるといいが
I messed up. I was off a day and told that old man "tomorrow"!! It's really 3 today. It's almost 3 now!! It would be best if I was wrong.

"hazurete" is used in a combination of different phrases so it will depend on any specific usage,  Here, "hazurete kureru" is (I'm pretty sure) "not happen".  When said by the fortune teller, it takes on the meaning of "my prediction will not happen", or "my prediction will not come true.  Then the "to ii ga" works as "it would be good".

Panels 17-23
あら!! 指輪がバッグの中にあったわ!! おじさんてよくあたるのね
Oh!! The ring was in my purse!! The old man was right.

Panel 24
はじめのほうで大きいコマをとりすぎて さいごは 苦労しました。 不二夫
Using really big panels at the beginning has caused me trouble at the end. - Fujio.

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