Friday, December 11, 2009

Tensai Bakabon, Chapter 2, Page 1

Here is the text for page 1 of the second chapter for Tensai Bakabon.


Tensai Bakabon's Old Man

Chapter 2

Panel 1
あっ 札束がおちてるのだ!
Ah, someone dropped a roll of bills!

Panel 2
Hmph!! They dropped this thinking they could trap me.

"neko baba" is a funny word.  You'd think it refers to an old women who raises 200 cats in her apartment.  Actually, it means "to embezzle".  So, "me . subject  marker . embezzle . to do . and . to think . to drop . right?"  However, the actual nuance is more of "drop thinking to trap".

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