Sunday, December 20, 2009

Tensai Bakabon, Chapter 2, Page 10

Here is the text for page 10.

Panel 1
Try calling me "master"!!

Panel 2
Yes, master.

Panel 3
Go somewhere and come here when I play this.

Again, the balloon's too small for a more complete translation.  It should be "Go somewhere and come here when I play the flute."

はいっ ご主人さまっ にげないでね
Yes, master. Don't run away on me.

Panel 5
ねえー よんでよオー 笛をふいてよオー
Hey, call me! Play the flute!

用がないのだ!!  あしたふくのだ
I don't need you.  I'll play it tomorrow.

Panel 6
I can't wait until then!

あ 笛をふかないのにでてきたな!!
Ah, I didn't play the flute, don't come here!!

Panel 7

じゃ やらないぞ!!
Then I won't give it to you!!

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