Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tensai Bakabon, Chapter 2, Page 12

Here is the text for page 12.

Panel 1
ピエー ピャー プエー
[peeh- pyaa- puee-]

Panel 3

Panel 4
はなせ!! 笛の音だ いかねばならぬ!!
Let go!! That's the flute, I have to go!!

Quit this foolish act!!

Panel 5
Be quiet!! I'm the servant of the flute!!

Our son's starting school next year!!

Sigh.  There's so much to learn, and so little reference material to work from.  Turns out that you can simplify kanji by dropping "unnecessary" strokes.   "耒年" is an "abbreviation" of "来年" (next year).

Second, there's some context that's missing here.  The wife is telling Arajin that he needs to stay and take care of the family, and that he needs to start thinking about how to pay for the boy's school fees and supplies.

Dat's right, daddy.

The child is slurring "sou da yo, sou da yo, tou-san".

Panel 6
I'm the spirit of the flute, after all!!

Two things here. First, the kanji for "sei" (spirit) doesn't exactly match what Fujio drew.  I can't find the exact kanji in the wordprocessor look-up table, so I have to go with what I have here.  Second, is "nanda".  I've been trying to avoid talking about it up until now because I don't have a good handle on it myself.  In polite speech, Arajin would say "おれは笛の精なのです", where "na no desu" is simply part of the statement "is".  Here, Arajin is being slightly casual by contracting "na" and "no desu" to form "nanda".

Panel 7


Should be "kaa-san".

ヒャラーリ ヒャラリコ ヒャラーリ ヒャラレーロ
Hyarari hyararico hyarari hyararaaro

Nonsense lyrics.

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