Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tensai Bakabon, Chapter 2, Page 13

Here is the text for page 13.

Panel 1
Wherever the strange flute blows!


Panel 2
タンタン タンタン 野こえやーまこえー
tan tan tan tan, voice of the fields, voice of the hills...

Ummm.  Yeah.  About hard to explain jokes.  This one's instantly recognizable to older Japanese.  There was a 1961 movie called "笛吹童子" (Fue fuki doji, or "The Flute Player Boy"), which you can now find on youtube.  The music was composed by Fukuda Rando, and the lyrics above come from the theme song.  Although, the song itself may have been played on the radio at some point.  I can't find too much information on it in English and there may not be an official English version of the lyrics.  Note that the "do-ko" and "ya-ma" sections are just "doko" and "yama" with the syllables stretched out.

Panel 3
ご主人さま ご用? あ!!
Master, your wish?  Ah!!

Save me!!

ピャラー ピャー
[pyara- pya-]

Panel 4
ご主人さま!! なんかご用は!
Master!! What do you want?

Panel 5
ワン ワン ワン
ruff ruff ruff


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