Thursday, December 24, 2009

Tensai Bakabon, Chapter 2, Page 14

Here is the text for page 14.

Panel 1
はい クサリをはずすのですね?
Ok, you want me to remove the chain?

Panel 2

Panel 3
ワン ワン ワワン
bark bark bark

To the more observant of you (or, to the few people actually reading this blog), it's probably obvious that Fujio only uses "wan" for the dog's dialog.  That's because in Japanese, "wan" is an onomatopoeia that is used both to refer to dogs (wan-chan) and to the sounds they make (wan wan).  There's only the one word for "bark".  Whereas in English we have a larger range to choose from.  Instead of just using "woof" all the time, I chose to mix things up a bit to support the dog's change in attitude between the three panels.

Panel 5
わっ きたっ!!
Yow, he's coming back!!

Panel 7

Now, having talked about changing up the dog's dialog, you may be wondering why I didn't do the same thing every time someone says "ah!!".  It's certainly distracting having the same word show up whenever a character gets surprised.  The reason is that I can't think of that many variations on "ah".  Either that, or maybe I was just being lazy.


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