Friday, December 25, 2009

Tensai Bakabon, Chapter 2, Page 15

Here is the text for page 15.

Panel 1

Panel 2
き、きさま つないでおいたはずなのに。。。
You got loose somehow...

Panel 3

わーっ!! もういじめない!!
Wah-!! Stop it already!!


mou = already / any more
ijimenai = don't torment / don't tease

So, "stop picking on me any more".  Or, "I won't pick on you any more".  He's not really surrendering, just asking for the dog to stop biting him.

Panel 4
I got the flute back!!

Panel 5

Panel 7
I'll take this!

Ah, the wife!

There are a couple ways that I could handle this panel.  I could go literal with "Ah, kaasan" (which actually means "ah, mother"); I could go equivalent, using "honey", "darling", "dear" or "sweetheart" as forms of addressing a spouse; or I could go figurative, with "ah, the wife".  None of the other ways really reads well in English in this panel, so I went with "ah, the wife".

Panel 8
ピエー ピョー
[peeh- pyo-]

Panel 9

おれがご主人だけど ご主人さま!!
Even though I'm the master, yes master!!

The joke here is that within a household following a strict ranking system, the husband would be referred to as "shujin-sama", a very polite form of "master of the house".  It's the same phrase as used for the one holding the flute.  So, more properly, we'd get "Even though I'm the husband/master of the house..., yes mistress", but this doesn't work well as a joke anymore.  So, I went with the shorter form and left it up to the reader to figure it out.

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