Monday, December 14, 2009

Tensai Bakabon, Chapter 2, Page 4

Here is the text for page 4.

Panel 1
なんだ きみは!?
What are you!?

ご主人さま!! およびですか?
Master, you called?

"goshujin" is a very polite way of referring to the master of a big household, with lots of servants.  The "go" part is an honorific that doesn't have an equivalent in English, so I'm just going to drop it.

Panel 2

Panel 3
Whatever command you want to give me, master.

Panel 4
や!! きみはバカ大アラビアンナイトの研究をしていたアラジンくんじゃないか!!

Ah!! You're that Arajin that studied the "Arabian Nights" at Baka-Dai University, aren't you!!

Hoo-boy, when Fujio throws out a joke, he doesn't make it an easy one to explain.  First, we're (probably) getting a play on "jin".  Go-shujin-sama (master) uses "jin" to mean "person".  A "jinn" (genie) is the magical being called from the lamp that Aladdin rubbed in the "Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves" story.  And "Arajin" is a mispronunciation of "Aladdin" or "Arab-jin" (Arab person), indicating that Papa, influenced by "go-shujin", has gotten the details of the story mixed up, combining "Aladdin", "Arab" and "jinn" by mistake.

-"Dai" as used in the above sentence is a shortening of "daigakkou" (university).  So, Papa's referring to "Baka University", or "Stupid University".

Panel 5
ご主人さま なにかご用は?
What does master wish?

なんでも わしのいうことをきくのか?
You'll listen to whatever I say?

Panel 6
はい ご主人さま
Yes, master.

そうか よーし!!
Well, ok!!

Panel 7
あの おまわりをなぐれ
Go hit that cop.

Ok, master.

Panel 8
Hm heh heh heh

Panel 9
Mmm mmmm mmmm

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