Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tensai Bakabon, Chapter 2, Page 7

Here is the text for page 7.

Panel 1
はいご主人さま なにかご用で?
Yes, what is your wish, master?

Beat this guy up!!

Panel 2

わっ うらぎりもの!!
Wah, you traitor!!

Panel 3
I'm your master!!

[bash bash]

Panel 4
ぼくのドレイになるっていうから百万円もやったんじゃないか!!  わーん
And, as my servant, you still haven't given me my promised 1 million yen!!  Wah!

ぼくのドレイ = My servant
に = towards
なる = become
って いう = is said, quoted
から = from

Gives us "from when you said you became my servant".

I am the servant of whoever plays the flute.


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