Saturday, December 19, 2009

Tensai Bakabon, Chapter 2, Page 9

Here is the text for page 9.

Panel 1
This is a good thing to have gotten my hands on!!

Panel 2
そう!! たしかにいいものです!!
Yes, it's a very good thing.

Panel 3
Will you give me that flute for 500,000 yen?

At the time of this manga, the exchange rate from yen to the U.S. dollar was probably about 300 yen to $1.  So maybe about $1,600 for the flute.


Literally, this is "won't give".  I don't like "I won't give it to you" here because it doesn't fit in a regular conversation.  Plus, money is involved, so it would be more proper to use "I won't sell it for that little" or "you can't have it".  Simply saying "no" works even better.

Panel 4
For 5 million yen?

You can have it!!

Panel 5
I don't have that much...

Then I'll be going.

Panel 6
Wait, wait, wait!!

Panel 7
おねがいだ!! なんでもいうこときくから!!
Please, I'll do whatever you want!!

I already have someone like that!!

Actually, he's saying something closer to "I already have someone who'll do what I want!!", but that won't fit into the balloon.  I'm not really sure that going down a font size to make the text fit in the balloons gives me anything that's readable that small. I'm using 14 point Ariel right now, and I'm trying to avoid using 12 point as much as I can.

Panel 8
Order me too!!

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