Sunday, December 27, 2009

Tensai Bakabon, Extras, Page 1

Now, I know I said that I was including the following panel because it's a tribute to Shigeru Mizugi, the creator of "Gegege no Kitaro".  However, there's nothing in the strip that actually comes out and says this.  On the other hand, Shigeru did serve during WW II, and he was a friend of many of the Tokiwa Mansion people.  So, I'm making an assumption here.  Even if this is not directly aimed at Shigeru, it's still a great example of Fujio's (or one of his assistant's) skills as an artist.

Panel 2
Salute your superior officer!

Ok, lots of stuff going on in here.  "joukan" is "superior officer". "ni taishite" is "towards". "keirei suru" is "do salute".  "beshi" is a barked order common in the military during WW II.

うるニャイッ ニャロメ!!
Annoying guy!!

If you've been around manga for any length of time at all, you know that cats say "nya" or "nyan".  Here, we have a cat slurring human speech that should come out as "urusai yarou", or "noisy guy".  "urusai" depends on the context, and either means "noisy", "shut up" or "annoying".  It can also refer to someone that is very particular (to the point of nit picking) about being on time, being fashionable or following the rules.  Here, I'm just settling for a fairly stiff form of "you're an annoying guy".

You wasted a full panel, dammit.

"muda tsukai" is "wasteful use".  "ikenai" is "to not be good".  "yan su" is a way of talking that was used a while back in the prostitute quarters and is now considered very crass and impolite.  It's still in use by some Japanese comedians, specifically for effect.  I can't think of an English equivalent, so I just added the "dammit" at the end. Presumably, the worm is aiming the comment at Fujio himself...

Panel 3
みなさんこれでおしまいなのだ!! またバカなまねお目にかけませのだ!! ではサラバなのだ
That's all, everyone!!  I'll draw more foolishness next time.  Until then, goodbye!!

I like this sentence "I'll draw in front of your eyes more stupid behavior".

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