Monday, December 28, 2009

Tensai Bakabon, Extras, Page 2

I had to put this one in too.  It's from the first page of the same chapter.

みなさん コニャニャチハ、 このまんがをよまないとハリツケの死刑になるのだ!!  国会で青島幸男がきめたのだ
Helello, everyone!  If you don't read this manga, you will sentenced to crucifixion. By decision of Yukio Aoshima of the National Diet.

You all know "konnichiwa" (Good afternoon, or hello).  Fujio came up with his own variant on the pronunciation - konyanyachiwa.

And yes, Yukio Aoshima was a well-known politician, film director and novelist.  He was the governor of Tokyo from 1995 to 1999 (which was well after the manga came out).

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