Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Three Invaders, Page 30

This is the text for page 30.

Panel 1

Got it.

Panel 2
It's the head editor from Comics on the line.

Panel 3
あー すみませんちょっとゴタゴタがありまして。。。 はい、 どうも、きょう、じゅうには仕上げますから。。。 どうもどうも。。。
Ah- There's been some interruptions here...  Yes. Thanks. We'll have it done by today... Good bye, good bye...

As mentioned above, "doumo" has several meanings depending on the context. In this panel, we have two separate cases.  The first could be "thanks" or "hello, thanks for calling".  The second, at the end, is "thanks for calling, good bye".

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