Saturday, January 9, 2010

Daiba, Page 11

This is the text for page 11.

Panel 1
今度ね  職人がくるらしいよ
Looks like we might get a new hand today.

Is that so.

sonna = that
umai hanashi = naive talk
ga aru ka yo = subject marker + exists + question + rhetorical marker

Rather than say "it's something that naive?", I'm implying that the old man doesn't really believe something like that would be discussed.

Panel 2
こんなつぶれかかったメッキ屋によ ははは。。。おまえうちに来てセンベイ焼きな
Who'd come to this rundown plating shop? Hahaha...  Come join me making senbei.

omae = you
uchi ni kite = my place / my shop come to
senbei yaki = senbei bake
na = agreement request

"You come to my place, make senbei" = "Come join me making rice crackers."

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