Monday, January 11, 2010

Daiba, Page 13

This is the text for page 13.

Panel 1
いいだろこの部屋 おれが使いたかったんだ
This room's ok, right? It used to be mine.

Panel 2
ここ おれが直しておいたんだぜ
I fixed this place up.

Panel 3
三好さん  これからは磨きだけじゃなくメッキもやろうね
Mr. Miyoshi, from now, we'll not just do polishing, we'll do plating too.

Yeah, well...

The "maa na" is an ambivalent response meaning that the guy's not convinced.  That's why I used the equivalent "yeah, well..."

Panel 4
Because we've got the tank, and the generator.

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