Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Daiba, Page 14

This is the text for page 14.

Panel 1
そりゃな  研磨だけよりメッキをやったほうがもうかるけどな。  だけど設備だけあってもニッケル板やクロム板が無いんじゃ話にならねえや
It's true plating pays better than polishing. But unless you have some nickel or chrome, it's not worth discussing.

ban (板) is "sheet". So, "sheet of nickel or sheet of chrome".  I dropped sheet because the amount of the metal is question is not explained.  It's easier to just say "some nickel".

"hanashi ni naranee" is a masculine form of "hanashi ni naranai", or "it's not worth talking about."

Panel 2
Mrs. Okami is worried about the money, but we could still sell it.

いま ニッケル買おうと思ったら目の玉とびでるぞ
If you tried buying nickel now, your eyes would pop out of your head.

That is, the price of nickel would surprise you.

Panel 3
Now with the Korean war, nickel's gotten scarce.

I'll try it anyway!

Gambatte sa = I'll do my best, or I'll try hard
nikkeru kaou yo = nickel buy

Rather than try to work with something like "We'll try our hardest and buy it", I just implied that they would do their best and emphasized it with the exclamation mark.

Panel 4
まあ  そのうちにみてろよ
Well, one of these days, anyway.

Panel 5
三好さん  新しい仕事とどいたわよ
Mr. Yoyoshi, we received new work.

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