Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Daiba, Page 15

This is the text for page 15.

Panel 1
これ? ピストルの弾みたいだな
This? It looks like a pistol bullet.

Panel 2
散弾だよ。 バク弾の中にごっそりつめこんどくんだ
It's shot.  They're packed into bombs to increase the damage.

The second sentence is a little vague to me, so I ended up rewording it a bit to make the purpose of the shot clearer.

Panel 3
It's work from the Yanks, so the pay will be good.

"Ame-chan" is a slightly derogatory word meaning "America".  I used "yanks" in this case to show that he's being less polite than if he had said "it's work from America".

Panel 4
Figures, piecework then.

Can't be helped.

Panel 5
Place one in this board.

Panel 6
ちょいと バフに当てると回転するだろう
Just give it a quick buff.


Panel 7
これで 磨けているんだ。 一日五千個は磨かないと日当にならんぞ
With this, it's polished. You can do 5000 in one day.

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