Thursday, January 14, 2010

Daiba, Page 16

This is the text for page 16.

Panel 1
サビを落としてから磨くからな  義ぼう  硫酸の中にほうりこんで来てくれ
If it's rusty, don't polish it.  Just throw it in some sulfuric acid.

sabi o otoshite kara = if it's become rusty.


Panel 2
I've just gotten busy.

Panel 3
だけど ここんとこ真鍮ものばかりやってたから硫酸使ってねんだ
But, with all this brass, we don't have enough acid.

Panel 4
じゃ 一カメ買ってこい
Well, buy a bottle and come back.

There are three ways this could go.  Miyoshi could be asking Okami to go buy the acid; he could be volunteering to do it himself, or he could be telling the boy to go.  The "katte koi" is "buy and come back here", indicating that he's talking to the boy.

"ichi kame" is an old-style measurement, where a "kame" was a pottery jar, so "one jar".  Since the boy is shown in the next page bringing an "ichi shou" container back on his bike and it looks like a sake bottle, I just went with "buy a bottle".

Panel 5
三好さん いま ちょっと 。。。 あたしね
Mr. Miyoshi, it's, well...  I...

Okami is a penny pincher but she doesn't want to directly come out and say it.  So, she spends a lot of time stuttering helplessly here.

そうか。。。 おれも文なしだな
I see, I don't have a cent either.

A "mon" is an old type of coin no longer in use.  Basically, the guy's saying that he's broke.

If they have a 2-shou size, I'll get that and just add water.

"-shou" was also an old unit of measure, which is still sometimes used for sake bottles.  The boy's saying that they'll go with a smaller size but it'll still be the same strength.  Then they'll dilute it to get the volume needed for the amount of work they've got.

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