Saturday, January 16, 2010

Daiba, Page 18

This is the text for page 18.

Panel 1
どうしたのよ この子は?
Child, are you ok?

Literally, this is "what's wrong, this child", but the "this child" is actually directed at the boy, making "child, what's wrong?"  Basically, it has the sense of "are you ok?", which is the more common English response in this kind of situation.  So that's what I went with.

Panel 2
His pants are a mess.

Panel 3
硫酸が長靴の中に入ったんじゃ。 たまんねえな
The acid got inside his boot.  I feel for him.

"tamen nee" is essentially "I can't stand it".  Meaning that the old guy is empathizing with the boy's pain, and he dislikes the fact that the boy is going through this.  "I feel for him" may be the closest English equivalent.

Panel 4
オカミさん 硫酸どうしよう
Mrs. Okami, what about the acid?

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