Sunday, January 17, 2010

Daiba, Page 19

This is the text for page 19.

Panel 1
Don't worry needlessly about it.

It's ok. The senbei baker is loaning us some money.

Panel 2
Rest, and you'll be healed in a week.

Panel 3
お おれ平気だよ
I, I'm fine now!

Panel 4
おれ 休まなくとも平気だよ
I don't need rest, I'm fine now!

Panel 5
無理すんなよ そんな大ヤケドで働けるかよ
Don't push yourself. You think you can work like that?

"muri sunna" is "don't over do it".  "sonna oo-kenga de" is "with a severe injury like that".  I ran out of room in the word balloon, so I just implied the severity of the wound in "like that?"

Panel 6
おれ 休みたくねえんだ。 家にいたくねえんだ
I don' wanna rest.  I don' wanna stay inside.

He's starting to act like a petulant child, so I'm using "don' wanna" baby speak.

Panel 7
三好さん  治るまでこの部屋におかせてくれよ
Mr. Miyoshi, until I'm better, you can stay here.

無理  いうんじゃねえよ
Don't be silly.

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