Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Daiba, Page 21

This is the text for page 21.

Panel 1
ba-thump, ba-thump

Panel 2
That's strange.

Panel 3
オカミさんも三好さんもどこへ行ってんだろ。 もう昼じゃねえか。
Did Mrs. Okami and Mr. Miyoshi go somewhere? It's almost noon.

Panel 4
あれ 義ぼうじゃねえか
Ah, if it isn't Yoshi.

あ おじさん久しぶり
Oh, it's been a while, sir.

English really doesn't handle titles well like Japanese does.  Calling the senbei seller "uncle" would sound strange, and Yoshi is actually being polite.  It's better to use "sir".

One thing about "hisashiburi" is that there's no real sense of how much time has passed.  It kind of feels like a week went by and the boy's foot has healed, but it's just as likely that the two adults skipped the night after getting the loan money and then it would have been less than 24 hours since Yoshi last saw the old man.  Tsuge doesn't tell us how long it's been, so it's better to just leave this vague.

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