Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Daiba, Page 22

This is the text for page 22.

Panel 1
おれ  もう 足治ったんだ
Look, my leg's all better.

Panel 2
I guess Mrs. Okami and Mr. Miyoshi are out now.

Panel 3
お おまえ 一人でなにやってんだ
You, what are you alone here for?


Panel 4
オカミさんはおとち夜逃げしたんだよ。  おまえ。。。
Mrs. Okami skipped out last night.  You...

Technically, he doesn't really say that it happened last night, but if I just say "she skipped out", the sentence feels incomplete.  We need to say when.  And, since Yoshi is just now wondering why they're not in yet today, we have to assume that they split the night before.

Also, the old man thinks that Yoshi was in on the scam.

Skipped out?...

Panel 5
たいそうな 借金があったそうじゃねえか。 工場だってとっくに人手に渡っていたんだとよ
Looks that way. She has lots of debts, right?  And the factory is owned by someone else.

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