Friday, January 1, 2010

Daiba, Page 3

This is the text for page 3.

Panel 1
ba-thump, ba-thump

Panel 2
そのあとはオカミさんと半年まえに入社した少年工の義男と二人だけで研磨の賃仕事をして細々と  その日をしのいでいる
That just left Ms. Okami and Yoshio, a boy who'd entered the company a half-year earlier, to do the polishing piecework.  One day, they were toiling away.

sono ato - after that
wa - topic marker
okami-san to - Ms. Okami and
han nen mae - half-year before
nyuusha shita - entered company did
shounen no yoshio - boy named Yoshio
to futuri dake de - and 2 people only at
kenma no chinshigoto - grinding / polishing piecework
o shite hosoboso to - to do . barely . is said
sono hi o shinoideiru - that day enduring

This is one of the trickier sentences in the chapter.  "After that, there were only two people left barely eking out a living in the company, Ms. Okami and a boy who had entered the company half a year before, Yoshio" and "The day we're talking about, they were enduring."

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