Saturday, January 2, 2010

Daiba, Page 4

This is the text for page 4.

Panel 1
あ 痛い!
Ah, ow!

Panel 2
また  やっちゃった
I did it again.

Panel 3
These things are hard to polish, aren't they.

辛い - zurai means "difficult to do". As an adjective, it takes on "kute" for "to be difficult".  Followed by "awanai", "to have an accident" and "ne" as a request for agreement, we get "polishing these things is difficult and accident prone, right?"

Panel 4
Yoshi-chan, let's break for lunch, ok?

Literally, "Yoshi-chan, soon lunch towards do, question".  Note that Okami, as an adult, is taking a motherly tone towards the boy and uses "-chan" rather than "-kun", or just his whole name.

うん お茶わかそう
Ok.  I'll heat up the tea.

wakasou is "to heat".  Generally, I've heard "make hot water for the tea", rather than "heat the tea", or "make the tea".  But, I'll use "heat up the tea" in this case.

Panel 5
flap flap

うー  ひでえほこり
Ugh, this dust is awful!

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