Sunday, January 3, 2010

Daiba, Page 5

This is the text for page 5.

Panel 1
I'm stepping out after lunch.

Panel 2
I've got something good.  If everything works out, I might have another worker to join us.

chotto ii hanashi de ne = I have something good to talk about
umaku ittara = if clever say
shokunin-san = Mr. worker
uchi ni kitekurereu = possibly come to us
kamoshiranai = a chance
n da yo = contraction + is + softener

Panel 3
しごとも もっと割のいいのを世話してくれるっていうし
Work too. A big job, maybe.

Panel 4
Can't live on subcontract work forever, right?

itsumademo = forever, indefinitely
shitauke ja = subcontract exists
warini awanai = negative of "to be worth it"
kara ne = because + agreement

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