Monday, January 4, 2010

Daiba, Page 6

This is the text for page 6.

Panel 2
The boy eats a bento in the 3-tatami mat room that used to belong to the family of Mr. Kaneko, the shop manager.

shonen ga = boy + subject marker
bento o tabete iru = bento in the state of eating
kono chi ni = this earth towards
men shita = looked out on
sanjou no heya = 3 tatami mat's room
niwa = regarding
genkoujouchou = former factory manager
no kaneko-san ikke = 's Mr. Kaneko family
ga sunde ita = subject + lived existed

I'm dropping "looked out on the earth" because it doesn't add anything and takes up too much space in the balloon.  I'm also using "Mr." in the place of "-san".  The characters talk to adults using the honorific "-san" suffix, and I think it's appropriate to maintain this sense in English.  Especially since the story is set around the Korean war and people in the U.S. were still using "Mr.", "Miss" and "Mrs." with each other then.  (And yes, I know that if I use "Mr." here, I shouldn't have used "-kun" on Yoshi's name earlier.  There's just no way to remain consistent with Japanese suffixes like this.)

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