Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Daiba, Page 7

This is the text for page 7.

Panel 1
金子さんは社長が死ぬ以前からやはり  肺をおかされ職をはなれていたが  その補償もなく工場の片隅の部屋だけをあてがわれていた   金子さんの女房は鉄くずを拾いに歩いていた
Before the factory president died, Mr. Kaneko suffered lung problems, of course, and lost his job.  He had no insurance, and then all they had left was the corner nook room at the plant.  Mrs. Kaneko would spend her time collecting scrap iron.

Panel 2
その金子さんは立ちあがれないほど 衰弱していて  いつも床板の割目から地にウンコをしていた
Mr. Kaneko's disability kept him from standing.  When necessary, he'd crap through the cracks in the floorboard to the ground below.

No real comments here.  The sentence structures are fairly easy to understand.  If you have any questions about my choice of translation, leave a comment here.  Thanks.

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