Thursday, January 7, 2010

Daiba, Page 9

This is the text for page 9.

Panel 2
オカミさん 金子さん死んだよ
Mrs. Okami, Mr. Kaneko is dead.

Panel 3
義ちゃん 近づくんじゃないよ菌がとぶから
Yoshi-chan, don't get close. The decay can travel.

"kin" (菌) is "fungus" or "germs".  "Decay" works just as well.  "tobu kara" is "fly because".  I'm using "travel" to mean "travel through the air", and I'm implying "because" through the wording of the two sentences.

Panel 4
金子さんが死んで金子さんの女房とオカミさんは補償のことで大ゲンカになったがうやむやになり。 それからまもなく金子さん一家は消えるようにいなくなった。
With Mr. Kaneko gone, his wife and Mrs. Okami got into a big fight over the compensation money.  After that, the remaining Kaneko family disappeared.

おまえが!  おまえとはなんだ! おまえとは
You! How dare you!

This one's not really translatable.  Using "omae" (you) in this sense is very rude and has the implication of the speaker looking down on the other person.  Since it's the wife of the manager looking down on the current boss, it also means a role reversal.  Literally, it's "you! you are what!, you are".  One alternative is to have Kaneko swearing heavily, but I'd rather have her just be indignant.


  1. I think panel 5's translation it's missing and also the image.

  2. There is no panel 5 per se. There's a lot of text in 4, but most of it gets translated down to about half the words in English. The English version above is the full portion of the last panel. As for the English scan, yeah you're right. Mediafire lost it. It's on an old hard drive that I don't have access to right now. If I can track down the file I'll re-upload it.