Sunday, February 21, 2010

Garo feature #5

This time, I'm featuring Kuniko Tsurita's "Onna" and Shouhei Kusunoki's "Izakaya".  Click on the picture to go to the scans album to view the pages directly.  From the November, 1966, #27 issue of Garo.

Click here for the Onna story.  This one's self-explanatory.

Click here for the Izakaya story.  An Edo-era workman at an izakaya wonders why a police detective has entered the bar.  After dismissing speculation as to which of the other unsavory customers is the suspect, the workman remembers an incident where he and his partner had laughed at the son of a samurai who had been thrown from his horse into the mud.  He becomes convinced that the son of the samurai had seen him and filed a complaint.

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