Sunday, March 21, 2010

Garo Feature #7

For the Jan., 1967, issue, I'm highlighting several shorter stories.  I've got Aozora's Diary, Tono-sama and the Rough Taste, and two by Shigeru Mizuki - Sand-Throwing Woman and Silverfish.  Click on the image to go to the media fire album.

Mitsuo Fujizawa (藤沢光男) has another 4-page gag.  This time, a kid meets up with his friends to show off a new watch that his relative gave him as a souvenir of his travels.  It's a magic watch that makes food show up at meal times.  The kids gorge themselves, then it looks like the watch has stopped working.  Actually, it's just preparing to catch up on all the school work that the kids have to complete, crushing them under a mountain of textbooks.

A local lord is suffering from a wound to the stomach and is ordered to not drink liquids for a couple days.  His retainers have to protect him for his own good.  When he finally can drink, the water tastes amazing.  Later, he tries to recapture that taste, but can't.  He tries different sources of water, drinking while lying down, and so on.  Finally, he goes so far to reconstruct the previous situation and to cut his stomach open.  He pushes his luck one too many times and ends up killing himself.  By Shouhei Kusunoki (楠勝平).

An unattractive man tracks down Sunakake Baba (Sand-throwing Old Hag) to ask her to make him handsome.  She gives him a foul potion that does the trick and says that the price is for him to return to her in 1 year.  A year later, the man is a famous film actor, and when the old woman shows up at his dressing room he has his bouncer throw her out.  However, while filming a love scene soon after, the actor's head disappears.  In desperation, he returns to her hovel, only to be given an uglier face than before.

A salaryman finds himself out in the boonies with a weird old co-worker.  The co-worker collects insects, one of which is a silverfish that can make people more suave.  The guy swallows it and with his new-found power works his way to the top of the corporate ladder.  But, the insect eventually works its way out of the guy's body and he returns to normal.  He takes over the office that the other guy had, and tries talking a new arrival into eating the insect himself.

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