Sunday, April 11, 2010

Garo Feature #10

For the Apr., 1967, issue, I'm highlighting three stories: Kuniko Tsurita's "Struggle", Tashiro Tamehiro's "Mysterious Ball" and Yuu Takita's "Foot Soldier".    Click on the image to go to the media fire album.

After reading Garo issue #40 (month 13, year 1968), Kuniko Tsurita has a romantic dream of ninja life in a Kamui-like setting and wakes up disappointed by reality.  She challenges the readers to join her in bringing back ninja style to the present day, but some of the other Garo writers try to stop her from shirking her duties.  She goes out to fight crime, discovers that it's too much work, then returns home where her editor berates her for trying to reuse an earlier story ("Nonsense").  10 pages.

A large, strange black ball arrives and disgorges a stream of mice.  Self-explanatory.  8 pages.

A lowly foot soldier has been selected to commit seppuku.  His superior promises to pay three hundred gold coins to his family in return for doing this duty.  Initially the soldier likes the idea of getting that much cash, but it doesn't help that he himself won't see it.  Turns out that a group of higher-class samurai have heard about hari kiri and they want to see how it's done as a form of rehearsal.  The soldier tries to beg his way out of it but to no avail.  On the appointed day the other samurai arrive, he cuts himself open, and the others walk away saying, "yup, that's pretty much what I thought it'd be like, he didn't do it very well though".  The soldier dies.

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