Sunday, May 2, 2010

Garo Feature #13

For the July, 1967, issue, I'm highlighting two stories: Shouhei Kusunoki's "The Thief and the Stick" and Kuniko Tsurita's "Jinroku".    Click on the image to go to the media fire album.

A young boy living in a large household gets up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet and when he comes back to the room finds the family tied up and being threatened by a robber demanding the house's treasures. The boy finds a club and wonders how hard to hit the robber, not wanting to inconvenience the family with having to answer questions about a corpse. But, when the robber enters the room he's hiding in, he just lightly taps the guy on the head, resulting in his getting beaten up, the treasures stolen, and the family kicking him out of the house in disgust. The head of the family then goes to a local headsman and explains what happened. Later, the boy, looking for a new home, sees a crowd standing around the robber's dead body. He keeps moving, commenting on the scariness of his former employer.

Jinroku is a stylish, happy-go-lucky guy who had gone out to grab a roll of toilet paper from some public toilet for his penniless friends to use. On entering the train, he trips, and the roll of toilet paper stops at the feet of a young woman and he's embarrassed at having to pick it up. At the apartment, he shows off a small turtle he's carrying around in his pocket. Later, the friends go out drinking and they talk about the meaning of life. One of the guys thinks that there is no meaning, and when he returns home later, gets drunk and leaves the gas on. Jinroku drops by to get the turtle he'd forgotten and finds the apartment filled with gas. He rescues his friend, and discovers that the turtle is dead. He takes the bottle of whiskey from his friend, gives the guy a warning, and leaves. Unfortunately, Jinroku finishes off the whiskey, gets despondent, and drunkenly stumbles in front of a speeding car. 16 pages. (Note: "Jinroku" translates to "blockhead".)


  1. I really like all your Garo posts here! It just makes me want to read more and more...

  2. Thanks, Steven. Is there a particular artist or title you like best?

  3. Actually, I can find something to like about pretty much every Garo artist. I hate to be so uncritical in my approach, but it really is just like a breath of fresh air getting acquainted with these comics.

  4. Ok, that's cool. Then while you're at it, see if you can spread the word so this place isn't so quiet... ;-)