Sunday, May 9, 2010

Garo Feature #14

For the Aug, 1967, issue, I'm highlighting two stories: Yuu Takita' "Fair Play" and Yoshiharu Tsuge's "Mountain Pass Dog".    Click on the image to go to the media fire album.

Two samurai are in love with the same woman, but the one is willing to let the other marry her.  In the middle of the night, the chivalrous one is visited by the girl and she professes her love for him.  He struggles to keep from hugging her and she leaves.  The next day he learns that she'd died that night and had visited both men at the same time.  They conclude that what they'd both talked to was a ghost of some kind.  The next night, the girl visits the chivalrous one again and this time, while not coming right out and admitting it, he decides that he's willing to take his chances with her.  But she's left by this point.  He finds her hair comb, and when it looks like she's returned for it, he cries out in anguish because now all he's left with is her empty kimono and a leaf (leaves were used by kitsune - foxes - to shapechange).

An old man finds an old stray dog and cares for it for a while, then it disappears.  Some time later, he's out hiking in the hills and on a whim visits a remote inn, where he discovers the dog living out on its own again, but having been given a different name.

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